The 6 conclusion of din:don
The driving force of our society is making contact and communication, that is actually a heap of questions and answers – that are creative interactions. In other words: human conversations.
We became passive information consumers and because of the technological development we are facing total separation. We have less and less motivation and need for personal conversation.
In Today's model the artificial intelligence (that is according to today's technologies is mostly the knowledge storing server) is increasing and increasing, while our own brains's fitness and natural capacity decrease because of the lack of creative and motivated human conversations.
According to the economist Christopher Houghton Budd 80% of the price of today's phisical products consist of added value – namely: the knowledge.
It means that in the case of jeans 4 out of the 5 dollar price doesn't mean the phisical material. Currently we store our knowledge and in many cases our creativity on servers. This is a partly good thing because this way others can access to it as well but partly bad as it doesn't motivate for direct human cooperation.
In one sentence: The central server – or the artificial intelligence – increases while our own brains' capacity and fitness gradually decrease and a one-sided dependence can be formed in the long term.
If we accept that knowledge = product and that dialogues are nothing but the market of knowledge, than we can accept that the value of the knowledge that is born during a creative interaction based and economically motivated dialogue is quantifiable – in payment instruments too.
It is only a question of consensus – as well as in the past the acceptance and installation of every economic transaction or infrastructure was also just a question of common agreement. (Such as at the concept of money, prices, banks, stock markets etc.)
din:don is an alternative economic and social infrastructure that works on real and virtual platforms as well. On this market – without attaching any material, product and goods – you can sell directly your knowledge and you can value others' at the end of every conversation so you can earn money in a transparent and sustainable way for the rest of your life.
The money that is created in din:don's infrastructure is public, speculation free and there is nothing else behind but pure material-independent creativity and knowhow.
6. The din:don model is the Economic and Social Ecosystem of Valuable Dialogues.
In this model because of the precense of creative and motivated human conversations, the artificial intelligence will no longer be necessary that will be the most important question of our long term survival.
Creativity and economics aren't new things. The new nature, approach and method of connecting them together is din:don. Instead of owning and protecting intellectual property, its massive, continous and sustainable selling and therefore sharring will be possible through din:don.
How din:don LIVE works?
1. You have a great conversation with someone.
2. At the end of the conversation you can Appreciate the Value you’ve been given during the dialogue or you can be Rewarded for the Value that you’ve given to your party.
If you'd like to learn more about din:don, you can directly contact us here.
din:don was the MA graduation project of Alberto Vasquez at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest in 2014 and his Consultant teacher was Attila Cosovan.
Registered project at Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO)

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