IgenDesign is a multicultural design team with a high-level engineering and technological ecosystem providing end-to-end product development for clients from innovative startups and bottom-of-pyramid entrepreneurs to large companies.
We integrate our knowhow from our art and social innovation projects into the development of consumer, industrial and medical design experiences. We explore complex problems and solve them with simple and sensitive products that really connects with people.
End-to-end responsibility from Product Design to Manufacturing

IgenDesign provides a fully integrated, one-stop-shop product development covering all stages from Product Design to Manufacturing. Hence, we can provide an effective and smooth product development process that accelerates your Time-to-Market and prevents the erosion of Design Quality during mechanical development and production preparation. Our service takes care of:

Design development
Research – project context, technology, market, consumers, cultural environment
Concept Development – challenge mapping, concept sketches, low-fidelity prototyping
Product Design, Interface Design, Packaging Design
Proof-of-Concept Prototyping and Testing

Mechanical development
Mechanical Design – enclosure and mechanism
High Accuracy Prototyping, Functional and Reliability Testing
Design and Optimization to meet DfX, IP, Thermal, Safety and Structural Goals

Production development
Sourcing and Vendor Development
Feasibility study, DFM and Tooling
Small and large scale Manufacturing
Our clients and partners

Industry recognitions

Contact us if you want to:
Realise your product from idea to production
Solve complex challenges in product design or engineering
Accelerate your product time-to-market with a smaller budget
Augment your product development team capacity with Flexible Staffing

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