IDC®Longwalk, JK9®Multivest and JK9®Speed dog harnesses were designed for Julius-K9® as the next generation of their professional dog harness family. Our scope of work covered product design, portfolio strategy and product branding.
IDC®Longwalk harness is specifically designed for professional hiking and extended activities. With its integrated DuoFlex® system the shoulder straps constantly adapt to the dog’s movement on each step making sure that the harness is always comfortable even during the longest use. The harness won the Red-Dot Design Award in 2019.
The JK9®Multivest is designed as a 3in1 utility pro harness for swimming sports, hunters and rehabilitation use.
The floating foam pads helps your dog stay afloat. The shape of the harness gives chest protection when used in the forest. The handle on the back and the additional rear strap allows for stable lifting at two points, keeping the dog’s spine staying straight, and making lifting safer for both the dog and the owner.
JK9®Speed and its belt extention is an all-terrain running harness kit designed for high performance sport activities such as Canni Cross, Hard Dog Race and intense hiking use. JK9 Speed is built as a short Y-shaped harness, preventing bending and turning sideways even when your dog runs next to you.
Design team: Gyula Sebő (project leader), Alberto Vasquez (product designer), István Vincze (product branding), Pál Jelli (engineering design), Tibor Fazekas (animal expert & testing)

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