JK9®Lock is the first buckle that is specifically designed to be on dog's body. An ultra slim, featherweight yet heavy-duty geometry that gently blends into the dog's body curves from all direction.
Most brands use ready-made buckles for their harnesses which are usually designed for backpacks and bags originally. Therefore they end up as disturbing blocky boxes on a dog's body bothering all activities.

Buckles are usually seen as a necessary compromise to be able to put on and take off the harness. In our approach the buckle is a crucial user experience question on a dog harness: we use it every day, it starts and closes every dog walk. It was time for a buckle that is comfortable and exciting – an aesthetically defining element of a dog harness, not just a technical accessory.
Systematic testing from all typical angle with custom made robots, refining tolerances and additional supports to gain maximum load capacity.

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