The brief:

Develop a small portable patient monitor which fits for ambulance and clinic use as well. The body must be highly resistant to physical impacts.

How we aproached: 

Designing anything into a hospital has a huge responsibility. It is extremely important how we shape a hospital environment. When people stay in a hospital, they usually are in a state of desperation and vulnerability. In such an environment empathy and kindness become extremely important. The most important necessity of a patient is to feel safe. Therefore every element of a hospital environment needs to communicate trustfulness and kindness, mildness and peacefulness. Every object needs to be humanistic.
Before and After IgenDesign
Docking system to the ambulance car's interior equipment.
During ambulance usage at the circumstances of an accident it is easier and more stable to use the monitor in laid position on the ground next to the traumatised patient, while in clinic environment stood position is preferred.
In laid position the e-ink manual buttons above the screen automatically turn around along with the touch screen.
The body has a slightly negative curved shape from every direction like the bones in the human body which can absorb a great many of physical impacts in case of falling down.


Designer: Alberto Vasquez (IgenDesign)
Engineering: Ákos Szabó
Project Manager: Attila Krima

Registered design at Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO)

Behind the scenes:
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